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Tried BBS but it didn't quite work, maybe you just need one of these add ons

We think that a comprehensive program is the best way to approach cultural safety. But because we're realists, we know that sometimes you only need one piece of the puzzle to complete the puzzle at this time due to the reality of the situation. As stand-alone services, we're pleased to provide the following components of our cultural safety programme:

Strategic Safety Environment Assessment & Survey

The most important initial stage of the journey is to comprehend the starting location. We thoroughly evaluate your current safety culture and compare it to data in our database. This offers a reliable framework for organising an improvement program.

Consulting and Development for Strategic Narrative

People need to be unified behind a single goal and direction in order to support and enable organizational development and high performance. How the narrative is developed and communicated drives its effectiveness.

Strategic Narrative Development & Consulting

It is crucial to bring individuals together around a shared purpose and direction in order to promote and enable organisational development and high performance. The purpose of the story is to establish a framework for change by tying several activities together and ascribing their significance. People's perception of leadership and team unity is crucial for the development and delivery of BBS.

Training in Operational Safety Leadership

This modular course introduces participants to proactive safety culture building using a multidisciplinary approach. It identifies the leadership traits necessary for enhancing culture. The planned, practical, and interactive components make sure that participants can put theory into reality.

Participation Enhancement

Front-line worker involvement and engagement in safety improvement is a key factor in the efficacy of the safety system. We equip your team with the knowledge and resources they need to manage a process for improving behavioral safety. This increases safe behaviors and enhances engagement immediately.

Training for Effective Safety Conversations

A continual commitment to everyday constructive communication is necessary for safety excellence. Participants in this hands-on session have a secure environment in which to learn and hone important skills.

Training in Accident Investigation

Investigations that pinpoint "Behaviour" as the primary factor are frequently insufficient. The participants of this masterclass learn how to recognize and handle the behavioral aspects of any situation with enhanced insights.

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