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The ABC Model in BBS or whatever you want yourself (Part 2)

Prioritise from the possible to the probable

  • BI Plan, Stages and Champion

  • Responsibility for the stages and any adaptations that may be required (things change – I had a plan until I got hit)

  • Promote the plan internally with the informal leaders, stakeholders, and Learning team members (Ikea effect)

  • Run the process

  • Follow the agreed checkpoint requirements

  • What does success look like

  • Success = Continue and use as a foundation for next BI

  • Failure = Reframe through a Learning team

The value of the checklist

  • Direct observation, peer to peer and on the spot feedback with a record

  • Can identify success/health unease metrics

  • The SME can identify the restrictions, opportunities and the most likely/acceptable fixes

  • Behaves like a mini learning team in the field

  • Can’t just be the observer, it has to be the observed, this helps to ensure engagement.

Remember that the continuum is not linear

  • While granularity can provide clarity, avoid excessive or burdensome requirements

  • There has to be progress and as items resolve they drop off the checklist

  • Data drives direction (Mindmap, heatmap, red lines, etc.)

  • Measurement

  • Safe versus unsafe

  • PPE non-conformance versus SIF non-conformance

Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Tell employees, but don’t forget to report up regularly as well – include the champion regularly

  • Demonstrable savings, record and report

  • E.g. PPE usage reduction because of improvement in PPE


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