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The ABC Model in BBS or whatever you want yourself (Part 1)

Safety 1 is the foundation for a successful Safety 2

  • A culture that promotes (Schein, Ancona & Isaacs, etc.)

  • Psychological Safety (Edmondson, Deming, etc.

  • Open Communication/Feedback (Dekker, Provan, etc.)

  • Get the information flowing, follow up and close out (checklists and find/fix reports)

  • Visible/Tangible Management commitment and engaging interactions:

  • No nesting on data, its only value is in its timeliness

Typical BBS – the Antecedent-Behaviour-Consequence (ABC) model

  • Cognitive behavioural science suggests that (A) the Antecedent or catalyst reveals possible behavioural causes/triggers.

  • (B) Behaviour, an action which is observable/measurable.

  • (C) Consequence, the positive or negative outcome of the behaviour.

  • Run a Learning Team (cross-discipline, area of concern and other experienced persons – pose Q, then soak time, begin)

  • Identify critical behaviours for success/failure.

  • Themes/patterns and codes for what people think

  • Could there be:

  • Lead indicators underpinning behaviours of interest

  • Unmet needs among the teams (resources, competence, comprehension – GAP Analysis can be useful

Informal leaders and stakeholders

  • What does success look like, consider a number of possibilities and their EAST or APEASE

  • Can we develop a checklist and simplify it to guide observers and the observed in the agreed channels?

  • Develop a resource to consider checklist data and the observed behaviours

  • Shortlist the most productive solutions – APEASE and consider PESTELEM

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