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Identifying and promoting safe behavior through BBS

Behavior-based safety (BBS) is a process that focuses on identifying and promoting safe behavior by all employees in the workplace. This approach can improve communication in the workplace in several ways:

  1. Encourages Open Communication: Our BBS promotes open communication between workers and management, encouraging employees to raise any safety concerns they have, and providing management with an opportunity to address these issues.

  2. Fosters a Safety Culture: Our BBS helps to create a culture of safety in the workplace by making safety a shared responsibility between all employees. This promotes a sense of teamwork and fosters a sense of ownership in regard to safety across all levels of the organisation.

  3. Drives Safety Meeting Goals: Our BBS programmes include developing effective safety meetings where employees can discuss safety issues and share best practices. These meetings can improve communication by allowing employees to voice their concerns and receive feedback from their colleagues (peer-to-peer coaching).

  4. Improves Training Goals: Our BBS programmes include training sessions for employees on various engagement topics, which can improve communication by providing workers with the information they need to work safely and the forum to ensure their success.

Our BBS programmes can improve communication in the workplace by encouraging open communication, developing and fostering an inclusive safety culture, promoting regular safety meetings, and improving training.

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